Friday, December 26, 2008

The gift of an award...

The Marie AntionetteReal Person Award

Sharon @ awarded me this prestigious award this morning. My challenge is to place it on my blog! I think I might have succeeded in the placement, but probably not a link to the award place.

I name 7 other artists to give this award to. I always find this a daunting task, HOW to I name 'just' 7 people.

I am going to try to remember artist who I may have not seen this award given on their blog. Everyone should have the award... I only KNOW real people! Might not have 'met' them, but that is just a technicality.

Anne Gaal check out her website too, as she is an excellent photographer

Annie Littlewolf



grrl for that really different perspective....

Linda you MUST check out her challenge site as well..


Thank you for my award ms Sharon!


alfamom said...

Congratulations on your Marie Antoinette Award. I am enjoying your blog now and it is very nice will visit you often. I am off to check out some of your picks now!

Anonymous said...

oh my goodness..thankyou. I will whack it up very soon on my little bloggy!

Linda said...

Thank you very much - I love this award, its so pretty. But most of all I appreciate the fact that you thought of me.
Have a wonderful, creative 2009!
Linda x

Anne said...

Hi, Mary! Congratulations on receiving the Marie Antionette Real Person Real Award! Wooo-hooo!

And thanks for being so generous and sharing it with other bloggers, like me. I've passed it on. You can see the details on my blog, Gaal Creative! :-)