Thursday, December 11, 2008

Cabinet Doors

I had two whole days for studio time!

I finished these cabinet doors.

The inserts were fairly generic.
Clear center with a stamped falling leaf pattern obscured blur. The edges were bevels separated by green variegated glass. Pretty doors of oak. A good selection for a cabinet door it will show what you want behind the door yet you don't have to have perfect order. Here is a picture of the door being constructed...then the lady holding the panel up for me.

She tossed them into the back seat! shocked me!!! I would have thought a little more tenderness would be given.
I hope they made it home unscathed.

I did these pictures so that when you click on them or at the least the door itself, it will become large.
You can get a close up of the soldering...if it does notice that I use a brown is like an antiqued copper when it is polished up.
Pretty with oak.

thanks for looking.


Anne said...

Hi, Mar! The door panels are gorgeous! I love the crackled glass in the center and the streaky green glass and bevels around the edges. Love the patina with the wood doors, too. Super job!

Anonymous said...

Your cutting equipment looks scary. LOL. You rock! I love that door. It's so beautiful, simple and eleagant.

Dianne said...

Its beautiful Mary, what a crazy Lady I too would be very careful with it..