Thursday, December 25, 2008

Barn Living

Welcome to the barn where we live in South Dakota. Originally Craig built the barn to use as his barn but, we would live in the center while we built a house on the hill in front of the barn. I moved out to SD in September 1999. As we were making house plans, the weather did its fall thing and began doing its winter thing...SNOW!

We have a kennel full of dogs that reside on the east side of the barn. Middle of the night checking on puppies, old, or sick/injured dogs requires just walking through a door while living in the barn but, trekking 50 yards or more if we build a house on the hill.
Since I am the one kennel checking, I decided to knock the roll out doors and put in windows and we will call the space plumb fine.

So, that is what we did.
If you click to enlarge the pictures you will see more of the details of the room. The quilts for instance I pieced and quilted...the painted lampshade on the side board of the dining room table I reverse painted using traditional methods (crushed glass and kiln not hobby paint and oven). The dog paintings I did...and any glass objects I did. The gorgeous painting over the fireplace, a lovely lady painted in pastel a local creek, Chris Cernitisch.

The fish were caught out of North Carolina...the various critter mounts came from Montana, Wyoming, SD...and Virginia.
That is all i can think to point out.


This is the bathroom where the 2 towels hang is the shower. Back in the foreground corner is the kitchen sink and the washer and dryer.

Standing at the kennel door as well as the entrance into my studio looking south through the building you see first the "dining room" that moves through the "living room" front door and then porch. The loft above is my "office" where I am sitting at the computer with a large plate window overlooking the "hill where the house was going and the creek where I watch deers move through.

Here is the kitchen. This center island is where I put most of the pots and pans. Through the door is the west side that I didn't go and take pictures of, but where we added 2 guest rooms and bathrooms.

This is the "living room" the fireplace was where a roll up door was. There is a door on the right behind the rocker chair to the front "porch".

Standing at the 'front door' is the view through. The door at the far back on the right goes to the kennels. Keep straight into my studio. The divider screen is glass. I made flat panels with centers that were fused medallions. Had a metal frame made for it. It is a 3 sectional.
The floors are concrete, with electric heat mats inside the cement. Toasty on your feet.
The door at the top of the loft over the kitchen is the master bedroom, originally the office to the barn.
Hope you enjoyed the tour.
The next tour will take you through the before reorganizing the studio to a new floor plan. Stay tuned.
IF I did this right the pictures will enlarge
this is a test!
Hope the Holiday was a pleasant visit with everyone and all are healthy and happy. Next is the new year!
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~Barb~ said...

It's Christmas Day and the hubby and I are sitting in bed, pre-nap, with our laptops sharing stories...he's reading about Drag Racing and sharing what he's reading and I actually got him interested in what I was reading for once when I showed him the pictures of your Barn Home. We both agree...very, very cool.
Happy Holidays with much...
Peace & Love,

Sharon House said...


You have received an award! Check out my blog... Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

What a fun home tour! I love BIG open spaces. I always wanted to live in a Loft but every one I've seen is out of our budget. So for now, I'll just drool on your space. :)

Elizabeth Golden said...

Wow this looks very spacious yet comfy all at the same time. I love your fireplace and the easy yet warm floors. I remember walking through the snow to feed and water the horses when I lived in Michigan. Now if they would only let a few women solve the world peace problem, we would be all set!

Jenxo said...

oh i love your barn, i would love to live in one!!! but not with blizzards and snow!!!
I love your little memory cubes too, they are very beautiful.
Thanks for stopping my blog too.... jenxo