Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Journaling Practices

I journal, journal journal! Make the journal booklets, them ready made...yes ...but the main goal is to enter stuff into the journal.

I am participating in a group  this year, Documented Life Project.  Headed up by a talented group of women, 5 of them, I will list 1...Roben-Marie Smith and you can read about the information on her blog through 

We take a journal, or in my case I took an agenda/journal and I use it to incorporate scheduled practices as well as the prompts offered within the group but, I found I really like to add everyday things to the pages and that tells me and anyone looking through the book, what has been happening.

I found out right away I do a LOT more than I realized and I go places a lot more than I thought.

I used a Moleskine agenda book.  Already it had the calendar.  The pages are bit thinner than I like so I prepared pages before I used them, that helped prevent bleeding through and the like.

Here are a few spreads:

Another journal group I belong to is helping me grow personally.  "One Little Word 2014" by Ali Edwards.

I don't have pictures to offer, but she helps us to learn through one word...more.  I chose "Listen"
I am late to joining this group so I am still working on month 1 while everyone else is in month 2.
If you are interested in learning more about her and the group go to:

I also practice sketch and painting and techniques in other journals, so I keep a  lot of journals going.  A girl can't have toooo many!

Pick up a journal today and either just write, dump the day, do a little doodle...experience the freeing of the spirit.

Have a terrific Day!


wanda miller said...

BEAUTIFUL PAGES Mary. i too have kept them going more than usual and so much unexpected wonders come from them. i laughed when you said you were surprised how much you do and GO! Tis' a good thing a JOURNAL! and i loved how you said that about the everyday happenings! xo

Mar said...

thank you miss wanda to come visit the blog! ♥