Thursday, February 13, 2014

Retreat Class Traditional Glass Staining

Staining Glass Techniques used by the Old Masters taught by Mary Hunt
FULL 3 day workshop
class begins at 8 until...with evening participation

materials are included in this fee
the glass substrates
glass staining stains and binders
kiln firings

USE of a light box source
USE of brushes and palette knives (encourage student to bring their own)
USE of glass palette

Class will be all about staining glass in the traditional method, using crushed glass. 
Now a days you can purchase crushed glass with the proper mixture of flux and ore and whatever mineral is needed to strike the desired color (enamel) but, back a hundred years or so ago this was mixed on site.

Today with the handy prepackaged vials, we are also blessed to have the formula without lead!  Making use so much more friendly.

There is still a bit (quite a bit) of technical know how involved and this class, we will help you in this area.
With the many binders that can be used when mixing these agents for applying to glass, the many variables involved when you use such and such binder and the effect said binder will end up giving after firing the glass applied with stain offers, there is easily some confusion. 
We can help clear these questions up.

We will cover binders, we will cover correctly mixing the "paint".  The methods of applying the stain, the techniques used to enhance the stains effects for design, and kiln firing applications.  I don't go into kiln sitters.  Mostly because I don't use them.
The brushes involved and how to set up your workspace.
MUCH more.

The picture above is an example of my work, and you can see others on the website, that is not up to date, you get the idea though.

We will go over faces, how to achieve depth through matting tracing and enhancement lines.  The project will be somewhat figural but with gobs of working in shade and trace.
I am leaning to a bee...simple you think...
While achievable, still a challenge.
I am going to have a few other patterns for following available. 
There is potential to finish more than one project.

The project can be used in lots of ways when finished, incorporated into panel work or perhaps used for making a box.  The final outcome is left to the student.  This will not be part of the class.

Materials for the staining project are provided in the class fee, the use of brushes are offered, or bring your own.   
The class will encompass the 3 FULL days of the retreat, and some night work.

Firing the project in the kiln is part of the education and I encourage the participants to remain for that process, but it is not necessary they stay.
The handout goes over the process and the outcome. 
Some people might want to see the occurrence of "glossing" versus "not glossed yet" stage in the kiln. 
That is a personal decision, but the process will be provided.

The project of the 'stained glass' will be completed but not a project using the glass stained. 
The final firing may not be completed when the student is ready to leave, in which case I will mail the final results to them.

This process is not to be confused with the hobby level of painting on glass using Pebeo or like product to decorate glasses, such as the wine glasses being decorated today.
These are Traditional Techniques and museum quality methods.
(My stained glass work is collected and on permanent display in museums)

You as the student are not required to cut any glass, or be a cold working glass artist, a warm working glass artist or a hot working glass artist.
The only requirement is a desire to learn a method of application that is not easily found in the class room that happens to cover working ON glass and making that permanent.

During the down times when breaks are offered, the participants are encouraged to get out and enjoy the peaceful surroundings of the Lodge we are holding the retreat in. 
Walk the trails, photograph the nature and look for the critters, photograph them.
Participate in the evening with the banter of the fellow artists and join up the sharing of the day from the other instruction being offered at this retreat, around the fire pit. 
This is an enjoyable end to the day and spiritually uplifting way to enter into slumber as we anticipate the next days events.

Fellow instructors will be:
Chad Phillips photography
Chris Cernetisch pastel
Bonnie Brahms watercolorist
Mary Hunt staining glass

Direct your questions to Mary @

These classes are currently being written and the tuition's have not been set yet. 
The Lodge will hold 16 overnighters but they need to be willing to share the room. 
Each room has a bathroom. 
A communal living room and kitchen (for all to use) 
No meals are going to be provided.
Meals can be taken through the several eateries in town, that is but 3 miles from the lodge.
A grocery store is located in town.

In addition, there are a few B&B's and 2 hotels.
This information can be provided and the brochure is being written, now nearly finished!

Consider a weekend being spiritually uplifted through art on the prairie.
Thank you for visiting today.


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