Friday, February 14, 2014

It's Official...

I am a WHIMP!
The old fashioned screw driver has beaten me down!

I have been meaning to for months!, hang a hook to put my coat on...and today was the day!!!

I walked across the street to the hardware store and bought a hook...a pretty brass hook with TWO hookie things to hang stuff on.

Now where to put it out of the way but where it will stay hung...I know the door to the basement...yeah that looks great!

So I proceed to unpackage the hook get everything ready...and start screwing that sucker to the wall...I will be in business in NO time.

Plans change...

I cannot! can not get the last little bit of the screw screwed into the wood.  (JUST what KIND of wood has JR put up here, I believe part of the petrified Forest).

Okay, so until I bring in that battery operated deal, or by reading this my carpenter son miraculously appears with his, to finish this.

I opt for the super deluxe clothes hanging rig.

And yup it is a two coat day!!

Happy Valentines Day to ALL!


Anne (cornucopia) said...

Funny story! But give yourself more credit: When you go up against petrified forest wood and lose, I don't consider you a wimp. :-)

Mary Schweitzer said...

Pre-drill a starter...always! LOL!

Vernita Bridges Hoyt said...

Hope you get that drill out tomorrow.