Wednesday, February 19, 2014

As You Drive Up...The Retreat..

As I wait for Bonnie and Chad to finish getting me their outline for their classes.  I thought I would show you where the retreat July 25, 26, 27th is being held. 

This is a beautiful place.  Imagine it lush and green and the grasses in the fields grown.  The trees green.  You need to look into the future, this picture is taken today in the middle of the winter!.

Come summer, the fields will have some growth from their planted crop.  You might gaze out and see the deer feeding, at the very least the pheasants.  There are wooded trails, a huge pond all kinds of features that will be perfect for sketching and painting.

The inside of the lodge is gorgeous.  By day the living space will hold a class, probably Chads photography class, since his medium is the least messy.
The other classes are located in one of the other 2 buildings.

A communal kitchen is available for use, but there will not be any served meals.  Town is but 3 miles away and there many delicious eating establishments and a full stocked grocery store.

8 bedrooms, sharing 2 beds and a bathroom, each room.  The first 16 people interested in staying AT the lodge must be willing to share the room, or pay double.  Additionally there are 2 hotels in town and several BandB's.  This information will be forthcoming.

In the evening plan to kick back and resonate the day with the fellow participants around the fire-pit.
You can bring along your favorite evening beverage and store them in the bar area just off the fire-pit.

Come fully prepared for a stimulating yet relaxing weekend surrounded by nature, comrades that will begin friendships, imparting wonderful skills and knowledge.

Come to The Stagecoach Retreat
July 25, 26, 27 2014
contact:  Mary email-
to join
Chad Phillips photography
Chris Cernetish pastel painting
Mary Hunt staining the glass
Bonnie Brahms watercolors
We look forward to seeing you here!

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