Saturday, February 15, 2014


This morning I removed the Valentines Day decorations from the front window. 
Now the glass is all empty. 
I am not much into getting into placing EVERY kind of holiday up in those windows...
I am NOT about holidays anyway. 

I am about expression.

Teaching others how to express themselves and perhaps learn to be creative.
Passing along the insights already expressed, with the abundance of wonderful artistic expression throughout the Gallery. 

Or by giving them personal instruction through the many class offerings.

It is not about the holidays but more about personal growth.

Sometimes I wish I had gone with my original plan to name the place "Stuff". 
I think that titling the place with "Gallery" scares the people.
They think everything in here is off limits expensive.
When they FINALLY do come through that door, they discover how affordable these artists have kept their prices.
Because...they realize this isn't New York City.
An actual comment...
"I tried and tried to NOT come in here...(sigh)....because I KNEW, I was going to LOVE this place..."

For One OF A Kind works,
not a replica that has most likely been ripped off from the originating source,
that then needs to be framed...

but finished, framed, and not a copy, not the same as the place around the corner, not a fad... an individual, personal, resonating that the creator helps to bring forth.

A unique YOU individual form of expression.

So the window is going to remain empty of holiday types of "advertising"...but stay FULL of the priceless fantabulous works from the originators, who are still alive!!! and hence, affordable.

Periodically, IF I am in the mood, I may 'decorate' the windows with some kind of message...maybe.

So come on by the Stagecoach Gallery...where dreams are the west.

I want to thank all the Artists who keep sending their amazing work. 
And the people who recognize them and adopt their pieces to go to their new "forever" homes.
And continue to want to learn...

Thank you for allowing me to ramble this morning :)


wanda miller said...

I'm with you on the holidays mar! and your store is just the kind of place I love, and usually can find just the right thing for someone you really care about. it looks so BEAUTIFUL and INVITING! YEAH, write something like "you might be surprised what's inside here" or something of that definitely have your fingers on the face of the public and just LOVED those comments! xo

Mary schweitzer said...

I think Gallery can be a very off-putting word.But what other word could you have used?

Mar said...

thank you ladies!!! ♥