Friday, February 21, 2014

A Photography Workshop

Chad Phillips
Instructing Photography workshop
Chad hasn't given me his official outline however, I feel a need to give you a heads-up for this workshop. 
There has already been a HUGE amount of interest in this particular workshop. 
Chad has been intending to give a workshop here for a couple of years but, due to his extremely limited time schedule, hasn't been able to.
I am fortunate to be able to nail him down to this weekend.
His followers (and there are many) have been anticipating this for a long time, so be warned...this slot will fill FAST!
Have you struggled to get the best use from YOUR camera? 
Not the newest and greatest. 
Not the ones only the most professional professionals use. 
YOUR camera.
Settings, composition, lighting, when to flash when not to, these points and MORE will be discussed.
Capturing elements of nature.
Night sky.

Chad is a most sought after artist for skills he represents through the lens. 
He has become the go to man for corporations needing Video representation for their websites, and commercials!
He represents many vistas; Company, Rock Star, Magazine and Individual helping them perfect their voice, through imagery, encapsulated from the lens.

A generous individual who will be sharing in his accumulation of knowledge on a subject, that while appears achievable, is not on many levels.

This is your chance to pick the brain and get 3 days, THREE WHOLE DAYS, spent with Chad working with your camera.

Plan to join us July 25, 26, 27 2014  Stagecoach Retreat.  Where 4 workshops will ensue.

Chad Phillips photography
Bonnie Brahms watercolor
Chris Cernetisch  pastels
Mary Hunt traditional staining with glass

Contact Mary @

or drop by the Stagecoach Gallery in Platte, SD

We are writing the brochure and still determining outlines.  Get on the list for contact when these agendas have been met.

Have a great day!



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