Sunday, February 16, 2014

PARRRTTYYYY First of the Season!

Let's share the party experience!

First of all there is no experience required.  No pre-requisites.  The ONLY requirement, is you want to have a good time and maybe, just maybe be open to a whole new avenue of habit.

These ladies have never picked up a brush before. 

Never dabbled in paint. 

Never did they think they would come away from the experience with a painting, a really good painting!

They are working the brushes and have a great time teasing each other, but they did a really good job!!
They are learning how to work in acrylic.


They accomplished this project in just 2 hours, that is a give or take magic time...

This is just one class offered at the come on by and see what other options have already become listed, or have a plan customized to you! or your group.
A lot of new this year!

Platte, SD

Lets have a round of applause for these ladies they did a fabulous job!

Thank you for being brave and overcoming your fears about painting...:)

Have a great day!


Mary Schweitzer said...

They did a great job!

wanda miller said...

how absolutely WONDERFUL this is!!!