Monday, February 24, 2014

Bonnie Brahms
Watercolor Workshop
FULL 3 days of intense watercolor applications
$135 per day or ALL 3 DAYS for $375.00
Bonnie Brahms is offering a watercolor workshop, at the Stagecoach Gallery Retreat, July 25, 26, 27 2014.

Have you always wanted to work in watercolor but just weren't exactly sure how to begin?

Did you realize you stretch the paper, much like canvas, so the substrate remains taut while you work wet over it?
What kind of paper is used? Hot or Cold press...all these decisions!

Bonnie is going to help you make better sense of the choices and understand why you choose hot or cold pressed paper,  what the grams weights refer to...and that is just for starters!

Day 1
is ALL about the materials used when proceeding in watercolor application.
preparing the paper, choosing the paint and which brushes work the best.

The day's exercise will be understanding value. (this is a HUGE part of any painting process) She will be focusing on the gray scale.
Then working from the chart you create, a small painting will emerge using what you learned from the day.

Day 2
is about unleashing color!

The power color initiates and the mood the color effects.
She will speak of Hue, Local color, Shade, Temperature, Tint, Tone and Value.
Learn to mix color and see the color through transparency, grainy or opaque. 
How to make a chart and grid from the mix.  And watch how pigments move differently with the water.

Using a limited palette, learn how to mix and execute a small study to understand color, reflected light, and local color.
Learn to understand the rules of contrast. 
Light next to dark, warm next to cool, intense pure color next to dull, hue next to hue, wet areas, blends against dry crisp areas.

There is a LOT of study day 2!

Day 3
Making a sketch book journal.

Keeping notes is HUGE in experimentation, working through studies, making plans to execute a painting. 
References are one of the most important aspects.
Especially when you get involved in mixing your own paints.

Bonnie is going to cover note writing, keeping your list of ideas and creative projects, (become a bit organized in processes)
Doodle, sketch and draw...on location!

She will go through her methods and what she uses and help you come up with a workable plan.

Creating a travel workshop...what is best to carry and keeping it at a minimum.

She is going to help you find your subject and learn methods that help minimize the overwhelming grand view.
To get started on your painting.

Then, you are going on location!
Pulling all the lessons together and become more confident in executing your watercolor painting.

This is a JAM packed workshop.  You won't want to miss.  IF you have wanted to work in watercolors but, are just not figuring out what is what, where to start, what to use...THIS is your answer. 

Want to work through some exercises and become refreshed in watercolor, reconnect with the canvas, resonate with nature, free up your inner spirit.
This is the retreat to attend!

Come Join us July 25, 26, 27 2014. Take class with 4 distinct instructors working in their recognized fields.

Bonnie Brahms watercolor
Chris Cernetisch pastel painting
Chad Phillips photography
Mary Hunt traditional glass staining

Direct questions and sign up to:
Mary email-
phone- 605-337-2308
At the Stagecoach Gallery Platte, SD

The retreat is being held at River Hills Lodge East
located 3 miles south of town
limited space for accommodations are available, inquire if you are interested.
additional accommodations available in town

We look forward to seeing you there!

thank you for looking!

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