Tuesday, February 11, 2014


I am moving forward with my intention to blog more....beginning with a simple blog post to say hello.


Life moves fast, but I will give my best to freeze frame a few things along.

Showcasing some of the gorgeous works that the creative artisans bring in and send to the Stagecoach Gallery.
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to find more of what isn't highlighted in this blog.

Artwork, classes, retreats ..the Stagecoach has a lot of "new" in place or in the works.

Did I mention retreat!
well yes I did...

July 24-27 2014! THIS summer the Stagecoach Gallery is hosting a fantabulous retreat!

Chad Phillips of www.chadphillipsphotography.com is offering a jam packed spectacular weekend focused on photography practice and technique...
Chris Cernetisch of www.pastelchris.com is offering guidance using the pastel medium
Bonnie Brahms  is offering skills involving watercolor.
Mary Hunt of www.maryshuntstudio.com is offering up skills to stain glass using traditional methods.

More is forthcoming about this weekend, as the classes are being written and the brochures are being manifested as we speak. 
Be assured that this will be a jam packed, sit and pick weekend.

Any questions, give a holler: email: mshemeral@midstatesd.net or ring the gallery 605-337-2308

There will be on site lodging available for the first 16 interested, but they need to be willing to share a room. 
Additionally there is lodging in town with 2 hotels and several B&B,s a list is being compiled.
Town is 4 minutes from the Lodge where we will be offering the retreat.

The retreat doesn't have a catchy name yet...any suggestions?

This is a warm-up exercise to get myself back into a habit.  I do hope those who have followed along before will pick me up again and that many new followers will jump on.

Thank you for looking.



Mary schweitzer said...

Well good for you!
I will follow you!

wanda miller said...

this ALL sounds so terrific Mar! I see that you are working your tail off to make things happen around there. such a diversity with intriguing offers...WAY TO GO GIRL!!!

Lay Hoon said...

Great to hear from you :)
Happy crafting 2014.

Mar said...

thank you so much for leaving a comment and coming by to catch up! I really appreciate knowing I was read :)