Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The Fourth Workshop Class's Information

Chad Phillips
July 25, 26, 27 2014
$135 per day or all 3 days for $375

Think outside the lens!

This is the awaited for workshop from Chad Phillips.
Your chance to pick his brain,
get hands on instruction for those burning questions,
figure out just where you might be straying ...
and not be getting the shot you thought you should be getting!
Learn fresh and correctly from the start.

Go RAW!!!!
This is the feature, the place in the camera everything happens. 
This is the setting that is a bit intimidating...
BUT won't be after day 2!!

Get started or a bit of help, using a program the professionals use when editing the shots.

LOTS of hands on direction using what you regularly use for a camera.

Chad is a informative kind of guy,
a geeky techno guru of sorts
and he LOVES to share what he knows!

He is the perfect individual to take technical instruction from.
Patient, funny, thorough!
If he doesn't know the just right answer for your particular dilemma, he will get that answer for the both of you pretty quick.

This is the mini Photography workshop that is going to help you get more familiar with your camera.
Become more confident fiddling around with those dials, and not feel like you are going to break the thing!
Gain a bit more abstraction when looking at what you want to capture.
And bring it all together on the computer!

As you can see this is a JAM PACKED weekend!

Saturday evening is a BONUS for everyone at the retreat, bring your cameras, Chad is going to open up about night photography. 
This is more than the nighttime switch on the features dial!!

Day 1 - Friday
  • Forget what you know, open your minds eye
  • Camera Gear basics
    • Camera functions
    • Lenses

    • Tripod functions
    • Flash Cards
    • Camera Modes
  • What makes an image
    • Subjet
    • Composition
    • Rule of thirds
    • Lighting

      After hours inspiration by the fire

Day 2 - Saturday
  • Choosing how to shoot your camera
    • RAW vs. jpg
  • Choosing tripod or handheld
  • Look for what speaks to you
  • Is it worth your time?
  • Foreground and background
  • Head out and photograph
    • Watch Chad compose image
    • Using what you learned
    • Get it right in the camera!
    • What direction to shoot
    • Seeing the light
    • Now it’s your turn
  • After Dark - Photographing the stars
    • Photographing stars and landscapes

Day 3 - Sunday
  • Save and backup your images
    • Then back up again
  • Importing photos with Adobe Lightroom
  • Learn why to use Lightroom
  • Using Lightroom to correct and adjust your images
    • white balance
    • color balance
    • fixing the image
    • exporting your images
  • Learn Photoshop basics
    • Photoshop layers
    • Adjustments
    • When not to use it
    • HDR basics
    • Saving your images to work on later
Come and join us this weekend choosing from 4 distinctive workshops with 4 instructors recognized in their fields.
Become inspired, learn to think outside of what you might normally want to do.
Gain new technical confidence.
Meet new people who can become comrades for a lifetime of shared expression.
Be part of The Stagecoach Gallery Retreat 2014 July 25, 26, 27 2014
For more information about the
Photography class with Chad Phillips
Watercolor with Bonnie Brahms ,
Pastel with Chris Cernetisch or
the traditional glass staining techniques with Mary Hunt
contact Mary e-mail
or phone 605-337-2308
We look forward to sharing with you.

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