Saturday, August 11, 2012

It's Time...

I think it is time to start blogging again. 
The gallery is being very well received and I try to keep it fresh and fun which isn't too hard, the artist presenting within the gallery send such a vast variety of awesome work.

I am going to be better taking pictures and sharing the new work and displays and talk about the classes as they become of interest.

Additionally, I will talk about and show work from classes I might be taking as well.

To me, artist is all about practicing, and advancing your style...what helps is taking classes.
What is more convenient than an on-line class!

A new group is forming...The Trodden Path.nig where many artists are offering on-line classes. 
Check them out!
a few of the artists who I represent in the gallery have classes set up in there. 
Lisa Patencio is one and she has a screen printing class.
Seeing Lisa's work incorporating this process has its unique flare of expressions. 
An appreciation that seeing them in person is only enhanced by the experience.

There are several other artists within this group who's work I totally check the group out
You might like joining from what you see as well.

It is raining today so it feels slow and dreamy...I think I will move some of the work on the walls...



Sarah said...

Hi Mar! So glad you are back, and I look forward to seeing the work you share and hearing about the classes. I am glad the gallery is going well for you!
Sarah x

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

How good to see your return to blogging. And I like that you will be sharing other artists and pieces from your gallery. BTW, so you have a link for Lisa?