Sunday, August 19, 2012

Operation Egret!

We have a large pond on the property, where the critters gather and frolic.  This picture is at the top of the knoll down to the reservoir.  It trails off to the East a ways yet and there is a bridge.
One critter in particular I want a shot of (on the camera) rising from the water.  Our egret, and I found out this morning there is a pair of them!

So, I planned all week for today's journey to the pond to get said picture.  Only he wasn't here, he was at the bridge...soooo no picture today of Mr. Egret.

I, for some odd reason, LOVE bee's.  they do so much for the environment and produce a yummy substance...except for a sting what is not to like about a bee...well allergies and allergic reactions aside.

There is a colony of bee boxes by the pasture...the bees were sleeping when I first arrived, it was cool and dark still.
As soon as the sun hit their box, they began to rise!

Those little specks are the bees.
Wait a close up...

Then we rode out to JR's to get some fresh tomatoes.  In the back tree by his pond is a dead tree.  Birds love a dead tree. 
Here is a picture that shows a few of the doves and one of the four woodpeckers.

there was a woodpecker at the very top too...

Time to get ready For Hannah VandenBos...she is learning stained glass, this is week 2.
Her homework was to cut the glass to her pattern, this week we learn to set the grinder up and grind the edges to fit the pattern, and foil.  Grinding the edges and foiling will be her homework for this break.

Have a great Sunday, thanks for dropping by :D.


Anne Gaal said...

Hi, Mary! Great photos! I especially like the one of all the birds in the tree! :-)

Mar said...

thank you Anne!!! :D

Anonymous said...

Hey Mary, very cool! I love honey but am allergic to bees. I didn't know you were a bee keeper. It's Kim Poole, don't remember my Google password. LOL

Mar said...

that is funny kim i have a time keeping passwords straight too!
i am not a bee keeper...the bees are on the neighbors land...i don't know how all that works
but they help to pollunate our pasture too :D
i am allergic to lots of things
but i don't think bees...i haven't been stung by one since i was real little though
thank you for leaving a comment!