Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Foggy Road

I made this picture look old in photo shop, trying to get practice in here and there.

Y'all know by now I LOVE fog...this is a road I walk up some mornings and the trees were all hazed in a blanket of fog.

A favorite look for me is aged I practiced with giving the piece an aged quality.

I pretty much alter everything..nothing is sacred.

This is the afternoon I am cutting off the computer..well stepping away from it anyway..and headed to the table in the work room to work on the dragonfly lamp.
I am making some little dragonflies today..sculpting them of solder and metal.
They will become affixed to the shade.  Giving it a nice 3D effect.

Lets get that done!

Then I will post the process for you.

Have a great afternoon..

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