Saturday, August 25, 2012

Activity on the Hill this Morning!

I spotted 2 different owls...the distance is great about 1/4 mile. Sitting on a pole across the was a bit foggy this morning too.

this one was on our property almost in direct line of the one on the pole.

Later the deer were spooked and running hard!  Here is why!!!

A pack of are 2 of the pack...

Another one off from those 2...and..

this was another of the herd I could see...there were a few in the trees too but I couldn't get a good view of them

All in all about 7 of them!

the distance for these pictures were about 1/4 miles out...I think the camera did well for clarity!

Enjoy your day!

then later I photo shopped one

cropped in close but sorta pixally so I added a few layers to hide that fact...i like how it turned out..:D



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Hi, Mary! Love seeing how much fun you are having with your camera! ♥