Monday, August 20, 2012

Stained Glass Class week 2

Student Hannah, arrived for week 2 of class.  Her homework from last week, to have cut the glass for the pattern.  Her pattern is dolphins, which will come to life as the process rolls on.

This week we set up the grinder out of the box so I could show her how everything went together, where the station guard went and how the eye guard attached...sorry forgot to get a picture.
We packed it all back up and put it out in the car.

Then moved over to my grinder, where I showed her how to clean it and then we put it back together filled it...and she was shown how to grind the edges to fit the pattern.
She did an excellent job and caught on to this process quickly, forgot picture of this too.

The next step is foiling the we moved back to the other table and set the foil holder up with a fresh roll of foil and foiled a couple of pieces.

I remembered the picture...:D

She began at the bottom to move up..the right piece shows a ground and foiled piece the left is ground and she is foiling the middle piece.

The rest is her homework for this grind and fit and foil.

Next session #3 will be soldering...yeah the fun begins.

There are TONS of classes offered at the Stagecoach Gallery...all levels, most mediums.
Come in and discuss your desires or not sure, we have a list to help you figure out what you might like to explore.
The beauty of a class is, that no matter the level of experience you always come away satisfied with some kind of growth in your artist soul. the door...

Come on by...:D

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Anne Gaal said...

Hi, Mary! What a fabulous design! I love Hannah's dolphins! Makes me want to come over and play glass, too! ♥

Mar said...

thank you anne...come on over...we aren't that...far :D

Anonymous said...

Hi Mar,

Glad to see you have returned and are powering on!

Linda said... have achieved so much since I was last in touch! The gallery looks wonderful...
And Hannah's stained glass piece looks delightful; well done both of you.