Sunday, October 3, 2010


came home from grass cutting and they were harvesting my beans!!!
see that gold stuff on top of the beans....which is excellent

saturday the market crashed on the bean prices they were 12.50 a bushel then 10.70
and this evening 9.00 a bushel

so the faster john harvest them and has them in the truck and in line first thing in the morning
we stand a better chance of getting this price as opposed to the next low price...i doubt they will come back up...

hopefully we do better than just break even but i even hope we do not go further and lose!!!

john does not usually harvest on a sunday
we were scheduled to begin tomorrow
his prudence can bring in a HUGE difference for us

thank you john!!!!!!


MrCachet said...

There's a saying - Make hay while the sun shines. Those of us who have family in the farming business abide by that rule in all thing agricultural. They all hope for a good price for their crop and I certainly don't think it's any different in SD, Mary. Good luck with the corporate buyers who control the market.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I could not believe the market dropped so fast, so far. Imagine all the other farmers who didn't harvest yesterday. I bet he's already in line waiting for the elevator to open this morning. I hope he can still get $9.00 a bushel. I was surprised to read (interpret) the elevator wasn't open on Sunday. Ours sure are during wheat harvest. Good luck today.

miz katie said...

I hope you're able to get what you deserve for your beans, Mary. It's so strange how the market can fluctuate that much, and in such a short time. I don't get it..but I never was one for numbers anyway.

SD looks very much like KS. I've probably said that a few times to you before, huh? Every time you post a photo, I swear you're in KS. Too bad! I'd love to have a studio playmate.

Mary said...

Hey Mar! It's been awhile since my last visit, and as usual, your blog is fascinating to catch up on. I hope for a good enough price on your bean crop--nice photo of the harvesting. The cold wax project is so interesting--something I know nothing about and would love to try. Thank you for sharing the journey of your piece so far, and I look forward to seeing any future changes you decide to make.