Monday, October 18, 2010


I tried photographing them with zero light and tipping the flash so it would go above the subject
I still have a little glare..
Here are both platters together this one shows the colors fairly well the colors are a little faded in the picture but this picture gives the best essence of the look.
These are not decals!
They are painted using finely crushed glass with the pigments of ores and minerals added for their color...fired in the high temps of the kiln to fuse the design to the substrate.
Labor intensive process not anything like using hobby paints that fire in the oven...more closely resembles glazing of ceramics.
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paper-n-soul said...

Beautiful work! Such patience...


winnsangels said...

OH MY GOSH! these are fabulous! Your artistry is beyond description.

Sarah said...

These are beautiful! I just love that green colour and the detail is lovely. The turkey is my favourite.

Anne Gaal said...

Hi, Mary! Both platters are amazing! The pheasants are so pretty! Glad they were BOTH snapped up ... they are true works of art! :-)