Thursday, October 14, 2010

Pond Repair...

I changed the name from working projects to what's happening..I more write in this thought, so it makes my posts more cohesive.

This is the pond that needed repair from when we had that flood of rains that erupted the pipe at the tried to wash out the dam at this pond as we needed to make repairs.
This is JR (son) talking with Phil (helps JR) they helped to do the cement over the broken rabble rock that will filter the overflow of water to the creek.

Ryan is manning the cement truck and he does an awesome job of moving this beast.

This is the job pretty much finished...the cement holds the rubble in the water flows under it but at the same time it acts as a dam to hold the pond in place.
HUH! no mispellings...I amaze myself sometimes
have a great day!


Sarah said...

This is a pretty impressive looking operation! I enjoyed your cow story too! I have ridden a quad bike once-I fell off spectacularly at the beginning but only hurt(really hurt!) my little finger. After that I really enjoyed it! I saw a farmer in Scotland using his to herd his sheep-and his sheep dog rode on the back! Glad the cows were sorted out in the end!

Bea said...

Ah, pond repair, it's a good thing.
It's been very dry here, after all the rain we had this summer and my pond is now just a mud hole. The frogs have all moved over to the swimming pool. I have done frog rescue four times today. They don't listen. :)Bea

MrCachet said...

Sorry, Mary - We were away this past week to pay a visit to my F-I-L in the Veteran's home in Glendive - a thousand mile round trip. It takes awhile to catch up! Hope you don't have to hold your finger in the dike after this job is complete. Your finger might stick in the concrete.