Tuesday, October 12, 2010


We rent out the pasture where cow/calf pairs nourish during the spring and summer or until it gets too dry.
BUT, there is a section of CRP they are not allowed...where they look over the fence ans see the lush tall grass and pond to cool their tummies and nifty trees to go get lost in during the heat of the day...darn fence.
UntiL!!! that is someone leaves the fence OPEN...mooooooo come on girls lets go check this out.
Well it is night time when we discover their party and they are bedding down so we plan to herd them out of there first light in the morning.
I hope my trusty steed Hondo! (picture above...Hondo moonlights as a sprayrigger)...load up and moooove out.

They were all down in the bottom which kind of made it somewhat sorta easy to herd them up to the fence they needed to go through.
They are all nestled up to the fence and I am thinking wow
that went lots easier than I thought it would...this is only like my second time to ever herd a cow.
We are up to the fence as I say...and I am staying in my spot that is supposed to deter them from heading the wrong direction...
some young calf thinks he doesn't wanna go across the fence and crossed the pond instead and all the rest of them

now Hondo and I have to cross the pond...have i told you ..mud and i are not friends...well i get across

and travel up up and more up to keep the herd from going any further into these trees..I DO have a helper
Craig is on the other side trying to push the herd to me and we then move them on...only...
hondo experiences an issue...and Craig had to come revive it and the cows dispersed...where is JOHN! the cowmaster...well... he is opening gates over the west end which is near to his dads place
and he decided to move the day to take the herd from our pasture over to his dads corral...so
i am now going to move this herd...
only first I have to get over TO them..I ask on the radio just which was is best...they gave such general directions like I am supposed to know what to do to get them..yeah right...okay so I see john and motor on...up some pretty rickety stuff...I really thought for sure a couple of times I was going to flip...but I made it!
Craig says you came from THERE!?...
well yeah..
why!? didn't you come that way
because I didn't KNOW about that way..well I can't believe you made it up that place that has to be THE worst spot on the whole place..
maybe (i say in my mind...not out loud)...I am a better rider than you! P...
well it actually all went pretty smooth from this point...i just followed the critters along and kept any from branching off but
I suspect it is because there were now three of us and not two....so
that is the cow story...


Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I sort of wish I'd seen this post before the last one. This is funny and brightened my spirits.

Sarah said...

Good new name too!