Monday, October 4, 2010

The Egret SplogsThrough the Marsh

The last update had the added brown paint..
which i thought too drab..
so i added the sienna and a maroon...which perks the piece up a lot!

i loved working with the about layers of textures to work over.

if you let the layer dry well the texture sets up good and the next layer picks over that texture
it all works so well together

i still have to add the coat of wax to seal it
but for practical purposes this project is complete.

Thank you Christy for adding to my repertoire of arts...gosh that word looks funny..but spell check says that is it...
Christy is nearly done with my website...

and beans update
they were finished today and the last truck is in line for empty tomorrow
i think (i am not 100% sure) but we keep this afternoons price intact through the dumping tomorrow morning

He isn't acting very devastated so i guess we did okay
once the planting/feeding/herbicides/more spraying/harvesting/trucking expenses are deducted
we might have food and heat for the winter
and get the wheat into the ground...
and then the next worry begins

thanks for coming by!


Effy said...

The texture in this makes me drool. (But not on your painting, I promise!) The colours are gorgeous, too. Brave, I think. And they are so harmonious!

Love it.

MrCachet said...

FLOGS? No. Stalks maybe. The luminescent blue almost glows. It's beautiful, Mary.

Debrina said...

This is a stunner, Mary - gorgeous, almost luminescent hues!!

Anne Gaal said...

Hi, Mary! This is soooooo pretty! How did I miss this? It is gorgeous! :-)