Saturday, October 2, 2010

First Frost

In 1998 when I had just arrived to SD yesterday 10/1 it was 32 degrees and that afternoon it snowed...yesterday 2010 was the first major weather change again true to form, it cooled up dramatically yesterday afternoon and last night we had the first frost. This picture is kind of bleary when i use the night time setting it does that. Regular setting did not work yet there must not be enough sun up.
Here is steam coming off the lake bed across at Harold's place and you can see the frost as well on my pretty grass, which is usually dead this time of year but with all the rain this year
is still green...which is why i still am employed cutting grass!!!..but it is all beginning to stop growing now
it will most likely be the last time i cut this weeks areas.
Christy is nearly ready to launch my website
she has a classroom where I can offer classes
she has a cart where if i choose to sell pieces through my site i can
as well as show what i offer at etsy
my blog can be accessed through my site
and all my information is in one place....wonderful!
have a good weekend
i hope to work some more on the egret wax piece I think it has set up enough for check back
and i also hope for a few minutes to be visiting y'all!!! see ya

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