Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Next Lesson

the next lesson Julie had us doing involved the heavy gel medium...then picking 1 of the palettes to work our color from to enhance the texture we created from the gel medium...this is my second piece the first one ended up such a disaster...i re-did it 4 times and i still have issues with it...i deduced part of my problem to i see pictures in my textures...we are supposed to be working more in abstract
which is a struggle for me t begin with...i see scenes
so i cam a LONG way in this piece
my next struggle is getting decent pictures..the piece isn't nearly as yellowy as it kinda shows
altho the other picture i initially put on the class site had a lot more yellow hue to it
this one better represents the project...
i am moving on to our next lesson...!
if you haven't checked out my new site please take a moment to..
thanks for coming by!

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Kerri said...

very cool- i love being immersed in a big learning curve! have fun-