Sunday, October 10, 2010

Guidance for this Challenge

This has been a horrible challenging week. So I thought I would share a piece I did years young angel. She is done on mouth blown antique glass using frit powders and vitreous staining and enameling techniques....methods worked through in the high temperatures only a kiln can provide. But lets hope she can breath a little peace into the beginning of our new week.

This past week has been busy and some of it the stories are humorous and I will share those later this week maybe after I calm down.
But Wednesday met with a turbulent cause and effect that stems directly from a negligent parent.
Said parent was visiting at my sons place, he lives in the country.
Country living means parents should be watchful over their children.
This said, Brian (the visitor) brings his 2 children with him out to JR's (my son).

Brian's 2 children are unruly horrible little brats. They are vicious to the animals...poking their eyes with sticks, twirling the cat by the tail this kind of behaviour. And Brian does not correct his little beasts.
Jen (DIL) generally tries to keep what control over these children what she can by the older one plays usually with their child in the house or right at the door, but the smaller boy won't be anywhere but with the father, as he was this day. IN THE FATHERS CARE!

Who was more interested in sipping his beer and smoking a cigarette visiting JR in the shed.
NOT watching the smaller child.
10 minutes is a long time to not check on a youngun.
As in this case the next thing heard was screaming.

No one sees what might have happened to this child but his lip is split and needs a drs stitches.
He could have fallen on the rocks (probable)
the dog Bo might have bitten him from abusive behaviour (most likely)
the cat may have bitten the child again due to abusive behaviour...but
no one saw what happened so no one knows.

The first response of Brian is he ran in the house accusing BO of biting the child...then he is off to the clinic for 4 stitches.
The next day (Thursday)
the cat is being accused of biting the child.

The certificate for rabies could be found for BO but not for the cat.
Voluntarily!!! JR and I take the cat (a valued member to the family) up to the vet clinic in town CDAC
for OBSERVATION...10 days to guarantee the cat has not got rabies...

The receptionist Vickie, assures us, guarantees to us NOTHING will happen to this cat! he is SAFE with them.
During the course of the day the Health department lady calls asking us to put the cat down to undergo the test for rabies
an adamant NO was recorded to the health department. When the health department heard the rest of the story they said further investigation was needed about this incident...they were not even aware of the
the calls were made to the clinics
medical clinic in town and the vet clinic...that the cat would sit the full 10 days for observation.

It is 4:00 pm now and the children have been picked up from school and JR was by to talk to his father about a cement job they were planning and all the family were loaded up to go see the kitty at the vets...
they get to the vets and Vickie the receptionist said the cat had been shot ..his head was on the way to Pierre for the rabies test.
What gave you the right to kill our cat...WHO gave YOU authorization!!!?????????
she says: "the medical clinic called! and DR Hagge ordered the test"...
that does not give you the right to kill our cat

who killed the cat...Vickie says WE did
WHO did we ask...she would only say We the CliniC killed the cat....

where is Jay the VET and owner??? he isn't here today...who is certified to kill the cat...
no answer
(no one at the clinic this day was even a certified technician...there is a receptionist and 2 dog walkers)

they assumed the role of owner and vet and took it upon themselves to execute this animal on the supposed call from the medical clinic...(there is still no proof said dr made this call, it could have been anyone)

These 3 workers did not stop...make a call to the owner of the cat, make a call to the owner of the clinic, make a call to the health department (which had made the call to them remember that this cat was to NOT be killed) there was not a court order nothing!

They killed this cat and sent him on the UPS truck in a hurry to make the 430 departure from town.

The owner vet Jay returns and discovers the events as just described. He is heart sick, as is the family of this cat.
The test came back negative by the way...and the injured child is going through the rabies series shots anyway

NO ONE saw what REALLY happened...anything could have bitten this child..if it was a bite
he could have fallen on the rocks

a stray cat roaming through the property, a raccoon...anything could have occurred, as NO ONE was watching the child.

the parent was negligent and then got to the dr clinic and lied...
he didn't want the dr to know he was sucking a cigarette and downing a beer while his child was unsupervised, and thus in there needing stitches.

He admitted to Craig, (my husband ) that he did not know for sure what happened...the neglegent parent did by phone on Oct.7 at 12:27

And Vickie LIED the cat was not safe with the clinic, entrusted to their care, they did not protect their client.

Due to LIES an innocent member of our family was killed.

The children are suffering nightmares and want to know when they can wake up daddy's cat.
JR was the closest to this member of the family the cat helped him therapeutically calm down at night de-stress and finally rest himself after a painful day at work.
This was a very special kitty (as everyone sees their animals that are members of the family)

Twyla Edwin Hunt will be greatly missed!
We hope there are angels among us who will help him be guided as a spirit to watch over the family as they continue to mourn his passing.


Sarah said...

Oh Mary that is so awful. How could they do that without any permission. Poor Twyla Edwin Hunt. That parent and his kids sound awful. I hope the kids will get over it ok, and JR. x

Anonymous said...

Mary ... You had a terrible week! Also the rest of your family. What a terrible thing to have happen for them to do all that to your kitty only to find out he did not have rabies, so all was for nought ... but what a trauma for you all. I am so sorry you have lost poor Twyla Edwin Hunt. That parent and kid should never be allowed on the property again.

Lori Saul said...

I am so sorry to hear of this terrible event. I saw your beautiful angel on my blogroll and wanted to comment on it's stunning appearance and expression. My pets are my family and my heart goes out to you and your family for this loss and under such confused and horribly mis-handled events. Your art speaks of inspiration and beauty Mar despite such a difficult time for you. Please take care,
Lori Saul

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry to hear about this horrible turn of events. I'd sincerely recommend that you get this toxic parent out of your lives. From personal experience I know that this type of behavior only gets worse as time goes by.

Kellys Art Journaling/ Sharing The Journey said...

This is absolutely gorgeous! Wow I love this!

Anonymous said...

I hope 5ooo people read this story and be alert to this kind of stuff.

I had a similar incident that brought a police van, three cops, and one with a tazer to collect a "vicious dog".
A silly woman who could not read dog body language nearly had my dog killed too. Now she walks on the other side of the street twice a day past my house..
oh, btw, when the cops came and saw my old hound, they rolled their eyes, thanked me for my time and left.

I am so sorry this ignorance and laziness happened.

Linda said...

Oh heart goes out to you. The story just got worse and worse and I couldn't believe the ending!
The child and father have both learnt a big lesson - shame it was at your expense.

Sending love....
Linda xx
PS Wonderful angel.

Anonymous said...

This story is unreal, Mary. You just don't think these things can happen. Everyone is in my prayers. I hope the healing begins soon.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

My heart goes out to you, Mar. I learned a lesson: keep my vaccination papers in a safe spot. Now I hope your son learns to never allow that guy and his kids on his property again. I also hope you find a way to get this out to the world. Maybe call your newspaper and tell them the story. Let the town know what happened. Hire an attorney and sue. Request, no! demand, the resignation of the people responsible for this loss.

I can't imagine the pain and anger you must feel over this loss. I can only feel it through your words. I'm so, so sorry.