Friday, September 12, 2008

Permission Slip

Our first tributary on our newest journey was giving ourselves permission to...

as I listed my permission statements to myself, I realized that they sure flowed over to other areas of life. Now this of course is not an AHA revelation but, as we are examining our "souls" and why we are and try to become who we truly IS important to correlate when it deems fit.

I haven't written it all out but I did examine it.

My picture shows that I have done my permission slip and an envelope is ready to take the slip in. Since this picture I did give myself permission ;) to elaborate a bit more on my journal pages.

I haven't finished so there isn't a final picture.

I shall post it when it is finished though.

And guess what just happened...I hit spell check and had zero errors.

This is amazing!


Altered Route said...

I sure like how your permission slip page turned out....I didn't follow the rules, but got mine done enough to post pics...they are really never done and I always go back and add more.

Christy said...

Hmm your last sentence of this post made me smile. I have the very same issue! I love your color here... the purple green and the aged browns are lovely. Looking forward to seeing the final pages when they are done.

Kim said...

Yep - the last sentence made me smile too , especially since the only thing I could read on your permission slip was 'something something something if I can't spell it something' lol. good for you on sticking with this - I have yet to finish my journal , I think it was a case of REALLY bad timing for me!