Sunday, September 14, 2008

Journal Page "Misbehaving Glass"

I am still not quite satisfied with the permission slip pages...missing something yet. I decided to give the instant gratification exercise a go...but I am still working on those pages too. Yesterday I did a simple journal exercise depicting the glass replacement day from "hell" at the Lake Andes church Wednesday.

Old cute church was missing 7 windows that had plastic replacements. They decided in March they were going to get real glass replacements and contact me. They waited to long to confirm their project, as I was just beginning to become involved in doing some art faires. In conjunction with my job schedules and JR and Fred's working schedules we couldn't get together to get the windows in.

Wednesday it happened to line up so we went right away.

Glass is produced from different manufacturers. And like anything else has a "grade". The only manufacturer that made sheets large enough to make these replacements 'one piece' is Wissmach. Personally I do not like to work with this manufacturer because the glass has no consistency to its pour and anneal stages, therefore the glass will "misbehave". Misbehave it decided to do this day. I couldn't get a straight break of this sheet for nothing. I ended up having to do some design change and place 2 pieces together for 1. To give it some interest we turned a couple of them to go in a different direction. In the end it was an okay install...and architecturally fine. Since i had to solder though, it took me 2ce as long to complete the install.

Instead of being done at 1 it was 5...from their I went to clean at Fergie's until 10 so it was a very long day.

Gayle, with the church could NOT belieeeeeve how calm I remained with all the off cuts. I just told him I was being tested...a LOT!

But they have colored glass windows now to give them the ambiance of spiritual worship today during their mass.

Working with glass a person does learn patience and to just accept what happens. There isn't anything else you can do...this lends over into life situations too. Working with glass, well any medium actually helps a person spiritually grow. Take things how they come and roll with it.

I think we are getting a new sense of this from our journaling exercises as well...
These pages I kept simple.. a sketch of the church...then I simply wrote the accounting of the day.


Altered Art Freak said...

This is just BEAUTIFUL!!

Anne said...

Ain't that the truth. Just take what comes and roll with it. Life can be a very exciting roller coaster ride sometimes!

Christy said...

Oh I love this page spread. Just lovely. Your story is an amazing example of a craftsman at her work. Your faith in your craft left no room for the glass to hold the work back. I love it!