Monday, September 22, 2008

Glass Box

An event in 4 weeks, Pheasants Forever, a banquet that raises money for habitat renewal and education. Platte's local chapter ordered glass pieces from me for their auction and sale. Glass box, a couple of dog heads with their retrieve, and a pheasant panel in free form. I have 1 piece done. Actually I have 2 boxes done but this one is cleaned up.

The box lids are decorative solder technique, in essence a small metal sculpture.

This is about the best picture I could manage. The pheasant has jumped out of the grass, the 'clouds' help anchor everything as does the grass.

Hope you might make out the wings.

(I can't believe I didn't have any misspellings!)


morningDove said...

wow what an unusual piece. I can tell its a pheasant. lovely work, i've never worked with glass.

Anne said...

Fabulous glass box! You're so talented! :-)