Sunday, September 21, 2008

Healing Energy

This week our soul journaling exercise is giving healing energy. I began my page with soothing color.

My husband is going to be recieving my healing energy.

Craig has struggled with Manic Depression all his life. I am not sure if the medical field acknowledges this is herditary or not. I believe it is, as his mother has battled with the syndrone for as long as I have known her and Craig's siblings do as well.

Our son has symptoms of the illness but has not been officially diagnosed.

This illness coupled with dibilitating regular health becomes a battle.


Sue said...

Hello Mary - from a fellow Soul Journal 2 person. Your postings are really intriguing and as I read I found that your words really tied in with the pictures of your pages. I don't know whether it was intentional on your part but I think it is very clever. I also have to say that I think you are very brave for showing so much of yourself in your postings. Take care ....
PS - thanks for visiting my blog

Jane B. said...

Hi Mary,
What a gorgeous background! It truly does feel calm and peaceful, and has the feel of one of Nick Bantock's backgrounds about it. You are great with the paint colors - I greatly look forward to seeing the next step. Also, thank you for putting my blog your your blog list - much appreciated :-) Jane

morningDove said...

wow love the journal post and the beginning of "healing" page. Sending healing energy along with yours to your hubby.

Anne said...

Wow Mary! These pages are sooooooo beautiful! I love all the colors and textures that are showing up. So nice! :-)

Linda said...

Hi Mary,

Thanks for the comments you left om my blog. They are very special to me.

I love the colors you used the healing page. But I wanted to ask you if the paper/journal you are using came with the torn edges or if you did that yourself? I love that type of watercolor paper.

I'll bet your husband loves your healing page.

KathrynAntyr said...

Your doing such wonderful work. I'm sorry to hear that Craig struggles with depression. So many people in m family struggle with this. Manic depression runs in my family and I watch myself quiet closely. Depression hurts so deeply and it is so debilitating. My heart and healing love goes out to you both.

Dianne said...

Hey Girly
Your pages are coming out fabulous brilliant job. I'm glad you shared with us, sharing always makes the load seem lighter. Healing wishing coming your way..

LaY hOoN said...

Dear Mary, I love the background of this page, it's did give me the calming & comforting effect. I know it's really not easy to get ride but we have to face it and found somewhere to heal them.