Tuesday, September 9, 2008

New Glass Project

Sept 6th saw the day the town merchants as well as other participants had been working towards......Old Fashioned Saturday.

With it's success and finish we are now preparing for hunting season.

Don't get all turned off.

Living in the rural mid-west times are tough. This is a farming community. No big factory jobs. Not a lot of people, and few jobs to begin with.

Spending visitors to our area, are what we live off for a whole year. Until their season comes forth again.

Hunting and fishing and camping surmise a big part of our survival.

So, that explained...hunting season is nearing and I am preparing the items that the fellas like to take back with them as gifts, or just to be reminded of their times had here.

The glass is almost cut for the new project, next I grind the glass, then foil, then solder it together.

This project is rigged up much like a mobile. There is a counter weight, will be a sprig of wheat, and it hangs below the bird. This will catch a breeze and set the bird into motion.

The wings will move.

It is called the Flying Series...and this model is a Pheasant.

Here the glass is laid out on my pattern...

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Dianne said...

Gee Mary you shouldn't have to appligize, my brother is a hunter, certainly not my thing being a tree hugger LOL. Its a reality of life, not something you have choosen... Anyway I can't wait to see the bird finished, absolutley love your glass work...