Tuesday, September 16, 2008


I went to bed around 11...read until almost 12 11:45 say
I take the Tylenol pm so I can drift to sleep...sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't
but most of the time I will drift better than without it
I digress
I was asleep
at 105
something whapped my leg
(like wake your ass up)

which of course I woke up
thinking what the HE....
turn on the light and I hear this like rattle metal rattle kind of sound
and think
oh it was the wind...

I got up and walked to the front
NO wind!

so okay I have to address this noise
so I try to pinpoint it down

and it is in the back where I am ...oh joy
so it sounds like something is trying to dig through the metal door
I begin thinking this has to be a HUGE critter...

so I stare over at the door
but it doesn't really look as if it is being tampered with so I am puzzled

Craig has a plastic barrel of chemical he keeps back there so the temp stays constant on it...
and he has it on a nice stained piece of wood
kind decorates the space ...
okay THAT is where the noise is coming from
then I see "it"!!!

a MOUSE! but he is trapped in a trap I forgot I even had there..
flipping around cause he didn't get trapped where he would just die...it is his leg
I think I better get him out or next thing he will pull loose then he is still IN here alive!!!
so I go to the kennel and get a shovel
and scoop him up and toss ...trap and all...him out the door

I feel better
only what if there are more of them
and I didn't want to mess with more traps right that moment

I stuffed a pair of sweat pants around the door
so at the least they weren't visiting me while I sleep..
that issue is solved
only I still don't know what whapped me to wake up????



KathrynAntyr said...

You are a fantastic story teller, very suspense-full. I like how you break up the text into shorter lines - it leads me down the page and through the story - this convention also added to the drama. I hate, hate, hate critters in the house and will jump a little jig and scream in a sterotypical fashion. It is a funny site. I'm not brave to scoop up the mouse, live or dead, as you did. Good luck and I hope you don't have too many more.

Anonymous said...

oh dear.. what about the mouse? Poor thing still has his trap on.