Friday, September 5, 2008

Fire At Work

and whyyyy aaaaam i home at this hour do you ask
because fergies caught FIRE!

i went to the post office
i hear the fire bell
and the fire engine pulls a loopy in front of me
and i see the one further up the street
come across the street but at the end of the block there....
small town ya know

and i see him back back up

oohh this doesn't look good
immediately i think that fergies is on fire

and i see this big huge ball of smoke plume up
nope this doesn't look good at all

then marlin (owner/boss) comes fllllying down the road and looks as white as a sheet
he had to be doing 100

so i go into the po

and i ask paul what is on fire
he didn't know yet

then elaine comes in
i know she knows she has a radio
she says it is fergies

i says oh nooo
so i go home to change my shoes in case i can do something
but when i come back the street is still blocked off so i call ...colleen...fill her in

when i get back i can go up
so i do

marlin was cooking the brisket for tomorrows festivities
and he flipped it
the flames shot up and got sucked up in the hood
then the hoods grease caught fire
he went to pull the ring that puts just such a fire out
and_ nothing_ happened!
that was when he flew up the road to go get ghena
after calling the fire department

it ended up the kitchen is toast
but now they will be able to get the hood they did need...
but the bar is still serviceable
after we got things cleaned up in the bar
she is opening tonight in 2 minutes
but she won't really need me
so i came home

i wouldn't think it should take but a couple of weeks to build a new kitchen
basically all is needed is a new hood
the grills are fine
maybe a new ceiling
and new microwave
that one melted
everything else was fine
didn't even get the boxes of beer wet!
and they line the wall from the kitchen to the door
that was enough excitement for me
i work at the creamery at 9 in the morning so i am gonna go on to bed now..

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KathrynAntyr said...

OMG - They are so, so, lucky that the fire damage was so minimal and no one was hurt.