Monday, March 31, 2014

One of the Patterns to Choose at Retreat

Retreat Workshop
Staining Glass In the Traditional Technique
Mary Hunt
July 25,26,27 2014
Through Stagecoach Gallery
One of the patterns that will given as a choice for staining design, is the dragonfly.

Beginning with the basic line drawing on the left.  The transfer is made to the glass on the right.
Enhanced with details...the picture above shows details before highlight removal.

In this image the highlights are there.  This piece is now ready to fire in the kiln.

The student may or may not know how to finish such a piece.  To make it a panel to hang, or any other finished project.  I can be hired to finish your pieces so you have a viable show piece.

Won't this make a delightful box lid.

Read further into the blog for information about the 3 other retreat workshops.

Chad Phillips come learn all about YOUR camera!!!
Chris Cernetisch always wanted to get a handle on pastel painting!????
Bonnie Brahms stumped about how to begin the water approach in watercolor???

THIS IS an AWESOME retreat provided where these retreats just do not occur...come take advantage of these talents!


the classes are being kept small so each student gains the MOST from this experience and classes are already not wait too long, and wish you hadn't.

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