Friday, March 14, 2014

Learning About the Mystery of Staining Glass

Traditional Glass Staining Techniques
Mary S Hunt
July 25, 26, 27, 2014
in Platte, SD
3 day workshop
all materials provided
When admiring the glass windows in church, have you wondered how they made them? 
Have you thought about the longevity of the work? 
Have you reflected on the skills that must be involved in creating such glorious works?
Going to church as youngster I did.
When I became old enough to seek out instruction...and seek I did, staining glass instruction is not an easily found class, gaining instruction in the mysteriously cloaked techniques involved in this AGE old profession, A profession that dates back to the Egyptian Era!.  A profession that is not readily shared therefore, not much information can be found about it. 
Through seminars and workshops and tutor studies I took throughout the country, I gained the knowledge for the guarded and mysterious technical processes...and then mastered these techniques through the years.
What IS staining glass about?  Giving the glass color, design and value.
Using chips of glass,
mineral and ore (the colors come from)
flux ... the formula becomes the stain or "paint".
Applied to a glass substrate in a precise manner, when ready will then go into a kiln (or oven that accepts high heat).
The piece is taken up to 1300-1500 F until it matures.
At this point the glass melts down into the glass substrate, leaking down the color from the mineral with the residue from the binders burning off in the flux vapor. 
Leaving you a design in the newly made glass.
It is such a magical process.
This workshop is for 3 days only and includes all the materials within the fee.  The instruction begins early on Friday the 25th of July at the River Hills Lodge just south of the town of Platte.
Come and join us this weekend and learn about this magical process the ancients left us with!
Take home your own piece of the mystery.
For more information about this fantastic retreat, call the Stagecoach Gallery 605-337-2308 or email mary ~
3 additional workshop offerings this weekend are:
Pastel painting with Chris Cernetisch $135/for 1 day or $375/special discount for all three days
Watercolors with Bonnie Brahms $135/for 1 day or $375/special discount for all three days
Photography with Chad Phillips  $135/for 1 day or $375/special discount for all three days
There IS available lodging, enquire if needed.
Lots of BONUS activities in the evening around the fire-pit sharing the day...
COME on and JOIN us you KNOW you want to!

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