Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Prepare to Begin to Paint

What YOU will learn in this workshop
Staining Glass in Traditional Method
with Mary Hunt
in Platte SD
July 25,26,27 2014

The paint formula is wet...not mixed yet.  Notice the lumpy texture.  You might not with the untrained experience but, you WILL after the first morning.  By the 3rd day you are going to be very experienced in working your paint.

I worked the paint, mixing and grinding smoothing the texture...all making the mound worthy to use.
Notice my test there on the palette to gauge if it is smooth enough to matt the substrate.
I deem it ready.

The substrate has been prepared and matted...the trace is ready to begin...need to load the brush and test.

In this snap the brush has been loaded and I tested the paint to determine if it flowed well, was dark enough to suit my needs..trace needs to be rather dark.  If it is light with the first pass you can go over it again until the lines are what you need.

This project will be matted and softened a few more times then, the shading begins.  Unfortunately my camera battery has played out for the day.

The examples of the softening mats will be seen on other examples to be used as references in class.

Stay tuned.

Consider coming to the workshop.  For this class, or
Pastel Painting with Chris Cernetisch
Watercolor Painting with Bonnie Brahms
Photography with Chad Phillips

Any questions contact Mary at the Stagecoach gallery 605-337-2308

Thank you and have a great day.

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