Thursday, March 27, 2014

Sample One The Shell Final Steps to Fire

Staining Glass Workshop
July 25,26,27 2014
Mary Hunt
3 FULL day workshop
In Platte SD
Lets look at the rest of the steps to get to this point, ready to fire in the kiln.

Yesterdays post left us matted.  With scrub brushes (stiff bristled brushes) a scrape tip and a soft brush to remove dust without disturbing the image, I remove matt to highlight the piece.

Then flood the surround with paint.  How do I keep the piece neat and the paint from running all over the place...???
You learn all that in class!

This is the first example that we tackle in class.  Everyone is going to begin with this project.  We will break for lunch.  Then, you choose from the patterns your next project.

The Bunny example will done next...

I am ready to fire this piece but the kiln is not full so after I have all the samples in the kiln we will unveil them all in the kiln opening...patience please...

Any questions about this class,

Bonnie Brahms watercolor class
Chris Cernetisch Pastel class
Chad Phillips photography class

Call Mary at the Stagecoach 605-337-2308
or email @

or ask for a brochure

have a great day!

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wanda miller said...

GORGEOUS display and introduction Mary. I feel that some new innovative ideas are going to replace our blogs or add to them maybe? they have all dropped off with all the new ways to get news out to the public...I cannot foresee what "THAT'S" going to be, but we shall hold on to our hats and jump on the ride! (make sense to you...not talking about yours or mine in particular) this is such a beautiful in house ad, it's not even funny! xoxo