Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Step 1

Glass Staining Class
July 25, 26, 27 2014
in Platte South Dakota

I am preparing to begin developing the samples that I will use during the glass staining class July 25, 26, 27.

Step one is to gather the necessary tools that are used to mix the paints and apply them, substrates, patterns and glass stains.

Set everything up and I am ready to begin.

The light-box is an important piece of equipment.
The back lighting illuminates the pattern making the transfer of the trace lines accurate.

The glass mixing palette is necessary because the stains that are used contain glass chips.  The glass palette doesn't disintegrate as the "paints" are mixed.

Palette knife for mixing and brushes for applying the stains.

And in today's world  we use prepared packages of stain in a powder.  Binders are used within the mix to keep the "paint" on the glass.

This pattern the shell, will be the first project and everyone will do this. 

So, lets get ready to mix the stain and begin painting.

Check back to watch the progress. 

For information about this class ~ Glass staining
Photography ~ with Chad Phillips ~ www.chadphillipsphotography.com
Paste painting ~ with Chris Cernetish ~ www.pastelchris.com
Water painting ~ with Bonnie Brahms~ www.brahms-art.us.

email Mary~ mshemeral@midstatesd.net or phone the Stagecoach Gallery 605-337-2308

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