Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Kiln Opening!!! Showing 2 of the 3 Projects

Traditional Glass Staining Methods

The transformation in the kiln is always amazing !  Look at the character and life the stains take on once they are fired in the kiln.

Remember, we are using ground glass and pigments to create "paint" the stain that when fired in the kiln, the designs become permanently imbedded within the glass substrate. 
Creating new glass! 
Essentially the artisan is making glass...okay maybe not technically but yeah new glass is being made.

You WILL be able to achieve these same results!

Here are the pieces before being fired in the kiln.

After reaching maturing temps of 1200 F.

We have a bunny.

We have dragonflies.

Both of these projects will take the student the day to day and a half to make ready for the kiln. 
If you achieve the results you are after faster than what I am thinking it might take, then you should pick another pattern to work on! 
Complete as many as you might be able to in the 3 day period!

All the patterns cover a vast range necessary to accomplish, bringing life to the design.

Only 1 color has been used! there is not white, not gray, not buff...only 1 color!
From that color we achieve the scale of lights to darks and highlights, learning the ALL IMPORTANT~ Value! Value achieves the painter high and low tones, the shading.

These techniques I have found transfer to any subject matter or medium being used, as painting or sketching.
Say painting in acrylics.

Mastering the brush work, provides a steady working hand and better coordination when applying paint say, to your canvas. 
Control of brush strokes renders a better process for detail and image.

Patience...oh yeah, you learn that!

Learning paint consistency. 
Important in this application, yet just as important in other medium, especially watercolor or acrylic and oils.  Consistency of paints gives the painter the correct potential to provide the image they want to portray.

Working on glass a painter is provided a pattern however, knowing the proper executing techniques are important to make the work recognizable.

So, coming to this class, transcends multiple purposes as well as learning a historical process.
Glass staining dates to the Egyptian era.

Come and join us July 25, 26, 27 2014 and gain growth from the arts, and from the surrounding where the retreat is being held, River Hills Lodge~ EAST. 
Meet up with old friends and meet new friends, pick an instructors brain for 3 FULL days! in a vast range of medium choice to take:

Photography~ learning how to make the most of THE camera YOU use; phone camera, mid range point and shoot, or that fancy model you received for Christmas, bring it and learn how to use the features, correctly and gain the best results to begin documenting your life!
Chad can you with this!
Chad Phillips~

Pastel Painting~ learn how to use soft pastel sticks to create design and images, the proper substrate, how to begin...learn the proper techniques (pastel is not about smearing the chalks that is a misconception) Chris's study plans to be of trees and water, 2 of the most beguiling subjects many artist struggle with. 
Learn a new process to expand your range, or become a bit more proficient in your study of pastel, as well as practice up to recharge your pasteling spirit. 
Chris can help you with this!
Chris Cernetisch~

Water Media ~ Learn how to mix your paints to create your palette for a painting, how to prepare the paper, the proper use of tools.  How to map out what your subject matter will be TO paint.  Bonnie is going to take you on a journey working with water and color. 
Watercolor process is another mystery many artists steer from because they aren't exactly sure where to begin. 
Bonnie can help you with this!
Bonnie Brahms~

Traditional Glass Staining~ Mary Hunt

Direct your questions to Mary Hunt at the Stagecoach Gallery 605-337-2308
or email

All this in ONE weekend!!!!
the evening will be active as well:
Gather around the fire-pit and with choice of beverage commune with the fellow students and gain insight from their classes different from the one you are taking or your classmate of the same, sharing is essential building spirituality and gaining personal growth and insight.

Coming from out of the area, there is lodging available AT the retreat (inquire) as well as several places in town, that is but 3 miles from the retreat.

Come on and join in~ you KNOW you want to!

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