Monday, March 24, 2014

Mermaid Lore

Atargatis was in love with a human shepherd but accidentally killed him.  Out of guilt, the goddess flung herself into the ocean hoping to become a fish.  But her beauty was so great, that she never could fully become a fish.  Instead she became half goddess, half fish, with a tail below the waist and human body above the waist.   (excerpt from Sea-thos)

She is shown as her original sketch then with tail texture added, using plaster (additionally a stiff medium can be substituted for texturing)

The tail shows a lot of layers, and her fins have been added.

more color layers have been applied and jelly fish have shown up.

In this direction I am hoping to show tail details.

Maybe you can see the shimmering this way?

She is finished, with 2 varnish coats and ready to hang...

Mermaids are considered mischievous and forgetful, would that make them evil?

Thank you for looking today.


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wanda miller said...

and now I can see her tail and fins here better...she is just exquisite...good thing we love each other or you'd think I was stalking you around every corner. someone like me, who thinks SHE IS A MERMAID is going to treasure this one! xo