Friday, March 7, 2014

The Retreat answer a few "foggy" questions

I am going to try and explain this retreat event a little better.
The dates are July 25, 26, 27 2014.
The place is being hosted at River Hills Lodge east, by The Stagecoach Gallery.
Contact:  Mary Hunt

FOUR separate classes are going on simultaneously for 3 days. 
Only 1 class is chosen from the 4 offered.

3 of the offered classes: Photography given by Chad Phillips, , Pastel Painting given by Chris Cernetisch, , Watercolor Painting given by Bonnie Brahms,
Have been broken down into 3 days.
With the agenda being covered on those 3 days listed. (In previous post on THIS blog, or on the Stagecoach Gallery Facebook page) or call or email to have questions answered or request a brochure.

Additionally, a supplies list is given and supplied by the student.

A person taking any of those 3 offered classes has the option to take 1 or all 3 days, the price has been broken down.

Please understand though, if you are not taking all 3 days of the workshop, and you have a question about material that was covered the day you chose to not take the class, then to be fair to the students that DID pay for that day, your question will not be addressed. 

Everything in the teachers power to help you understand the material listed and more, for the day that the instructions are being offered and absorbed, will be provided.
That is not to say that a particular area covered the day before might be addressed just the same, it is a chance that will be taken by the individual choosing to attend one day.

That being said, you will benefit much more from the class by taking all 3 days offered.

Traditional Staining on Glass given by Mary Hunt, is for 3 days ONLY
NO prior glass experience is needed to accomplish this class.
ALL supplies are included in the fee. 
All the kiln firings are also included in the fee. 
ALL tool use and equipment use supplied in the fee. 

THIS is a phenomenal opportunity!

ALL 4 classes have limited seating.  We are keeping the class small so that the best attention can be given to YOU participating students. 

A heads up...the classes are filling rather quick!
I suggest to not wait making a decision or your opportunity is going to vanish.

In addition to day class, we have evening activities planned with extra bonus information and participation.  That will benefit all no matter which class you are attending.  We encourage you to participate in the "round table" activities, they are optional.

You are not required to stay at the lodge
Accommodations are available for a limited number needing lodging coming from out of the area.  OR for the student who may just want to benefit from the full throttle experience of camping AT the retreat.
There is additional lodging in town, which is but 3 miles from the retreat site.

This is an amazing opportunity to explore a medium you have wondered about.
Or, to get some expert help with a particular area of the medium you may have begun to explore. With top notch instruction from a recognized artist.

This is potential to make friends with fellow participants that will bring you closer to your particular medium as future mates to get together with and continue exploring. 
In many instances lifelong bonds develop.

This opportunity has grand gains and pluses on so many levels, from spiritual connections to technical aspiration.
We hope you choose to be a part of our Art Retreat.

Any other question please do not hesitate to ask...feel free to contact the instructor, they may be able to bring to you a better light to understanding your gains for their particular subject.

Thank you and lets talk soon.


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