Monday, April 7, 2014

The Watercolor Workshop~ An Interview Question for Bonnie

Watercolor Workshop
July 25, 26, 27 2014
Bonnie Brahms
Bonnie is asked the same question:  Why should a person decide to take a watercolor class from you?
Bonnie's answer:
Because during the workshop I plan to springboard new ideas to go deeper and find your own artistic voice with watercolor.
 First you ask yourself what would I like to say?
 I can help you communicate those ideas with shapes, line, repetition, and values.
 There will be small exercises that will jump-start your creative side as well as help with learning how easy it is to sketch and put down what you see, expanding your abilities of observance and interpretation.
 By giving you the tools, information and inspiration, new doors open and with those discoveries bring confidence and excitement to your painting experience. Bonnie Brahms
Bonnie plans to discuss materials and tools used with watercolor.  The paper (this discussion alone will clear up a ton of mystery!) paint qualities (they are vast!)
A must for the beginner. 
The advanced student will greatly benefit from this discussion as well. 
The information will help clear up questions and may entice you to learn more about the product because you are going to see what it is good for.
Learn to stretch paper!!!  Did you know that paper is stretched?  Of course canvas is stretched, well so is paper! anything though there is a right process.
Make a color chart...this practice is a corner stone working in watercolor. 
Every hue is mixed.  The chart keeps the painting accurate throughout the execution.
Learning value is another indispensable practice!
The different studies that will proceed through the workshop will bring to the individual a better understanding of value, gray scale, introduction of color, blending how to keep areas dry and how to not mud the wet...
All these techniques are important to watercolor...they also cross to acrylic and somewhat to oil...the lessons will become a value that follows you in many directions.
Come on and join in the workshop...don't miss an opportunity like this they are few of this magnitude!
THREE days of being with an accomplished artist to pick her brain, hone your skills, and learn a new love ...passion is a painter!
Come on and join know you want to.
for more information
contact: Mary at the Stagecoach Gallery 605-337-2308
Photography~Chad Phillips
Pastel Painting~Chris Cernetisch
Glass Staining~Mary Hunt

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