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How Chris Conducts a Class during the Art Retreat in July in Platte, SD

Pastel Painting
Chris Cernetisch
July 25, 26, 27 2014
Workshop in Platte, SD
$135/day or special 3Days for $375
Choosing just one of these 4 classes we are offering in July is really hard! 
If ever you have wanted to learn to stretch your skills or begin something totally new for yourself taking either Bonnie's or Chris's class is an option you do not want to miss. 
Both have excellent approaches to their venue and both have great skills in teaching the techniques.
What you learn through either Chris or Bonnie can transfer to any other medium of choice. 
You must have a clear basis for Value and Color theory, before you will ever begin to see any merit in your results. 
Having either of them as your instructor, I can't stress enough, will be more beneficial than all the years you will go through trying to do on your own, what you will learn in their 3 days of instruction is powerfully informative!
Let's talk about Chris's approach to giving a workshop. 
We are extremely lucky to have a Pastel painter in our area of Chris's level of expertise! 
As many of you are aware I am not from around these parts. 
Being from the East coast I have been privileged to be among grand talents. 
None any grander than who we have in our midst. 
Chris IS a master pastelist. 
This clarified, I can not recommend a better available instructor to begin your journey in solid painting. 
She will help you wisely choose from the hoards of materials on the market, what will work or not work best for Pastel application.
From paper to the paint used, she covers it.
That blank page will not remain blank for very long! 
She is going to help you get through the first steps of under painting, open stretch sketch...(like scales on the piano..) These help open you up with ideas of what to paint and how to execute those ideas onto the page.
I have been to some of these workshops, so has Chris and Bonnie! one of the ways we do NOT like is when a instructor conducts the class, that is first of all way to large to properly pay any attention to the student, AND there is NO interaction with the student and teacher...they walk around and tell all the students they are doing fine, keep doing what you are doing...
we can do that much at home!
These classes are being kept SMALL no more than 8 students...
So I asked Chris...She is rather hard to find at times...so it is from her FB page...
I have a question about this workshop you are giving in Platte in July .. This is as I have experienced through one before: they take on like 20people...spread them out..then walk around and tell the student ...hmm hmm you are doing a fine job...I don't want to hear I am doing a fine job I want some interaction...how do you conduct your class?..is this class for experienced or can a total beginner join in...okay 2questions..

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  • Christine Kasowski Cernetisch very good questions! this class would benefit both someone who's not touched pastels or someone who has, but didn't get the results they were after. I'm not a meanie, but I won't tippy toe either, you will get instruction, not sugar coated 'atta boys'. those are nice but REAL instruction will help you grow much more! and I will 'meet you where you are'....I will help you starting where are are starting, not some pre-determined notion that I have. My classes are tiny, so I can really work with each student on their level. As a teacher, that is my job, to help you get the most out of the class!

  • Mary Simpson Hunt will we use ONLY photos as reference or will you take us into using what we see...or maybe help us combine the both?

  • Christine Kasowski Cernetisch ah, photos. they can help, and we will use them, but they will not use us!! there will be instruction on using a photo for what it can do for us, but then learning when to abandon it. I plan to take some time working outside as well, as drawing from nature in real life--plein air--is the best teacher of all and I will point out where photos fall short, so students dont' make the mistake of being photocopiers! photos have 'holes' and they lie, and I'll point out these shortcomings so those mistakes won't be carried into a painting.

  • Mary Simpson Hunt this sounds like a truly full and helpful workshop..I keep seeing "value" mentioned...why is value so important...do we cover this?

  • Christine Kasowski Cernetisch as the old saying goes--color gets the credit, but value does the work. if value is right, colors can be manipulated quite a bit! but if value is wrong, no color you can splash on there will ever make it look 'right'.

  • Christine Kasowski Cernetisch I will be working on value quite a lot in my class, it is SO important! I will be showing some tricks to help a student see values, as that is usually the biggest trick. once you can see value, things can be a bit easier

  • Mary Simpson Hunt
Her paintings are breath-takingly stunning!!! You find yourself lost in her studies...you are one in her paintings...
She is truly a master and you do not want to pass up an opportunity to explore painting through Chris's guidance into this medium.
THREE FULL days!!!
This workshop is priced like NO other workshop or class you will take anywhere!
I have taken a mother load of workshops and seminars and classes over my years...and never have I been to any as small a group, or with as much attention to details given to thought about the STUDENT. 
We want you to grow spiritually as well as technically.
Come on out to this workshop you won't be sorry you did.
Three other class choices:
Photography...learning about the camera YOU use! How to gain the best from ITS features to document your life...Chad Phillips (SD PREMIERE Photographer) www.chadphilipsphotography.com
Water Painting...Learning how to incorporate success in wet media! Bonnie Brahms www.brahms-art.us
Staining Glass ... (essentially glass painting as seen on church windows) you can use the applied principals in other media but, you work on glass as the canvas in this class.  No glass experience is needed.  All Materials supplied in this class.  Mary Hunt www.maryshuntstudio.com
any information can be sought from Stagecoach Gallery of Platte SD 605-337-2308
and from Mary at mshemeral@midstatesd.net
ask for a brochure
additionally read further into this blog more information throughout.
Come on out ..ya know ya want to!

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