Wednesday, April 16, 2014

An Art Retreat is about MORE than Learning about Art

A retreat is more than about learning to paint.  While we are offering an opportunity to learn the process of painting or learning how to use a camera, to get a healthy dose of creative inspiration, you will come away with a lot more from the experience.

The process of painting isn't so much about producing artwork to sell. 
It is about not being afraid of the process.

The process has HUGE benefits. 
Just the motion, the letting go of your inhibitions to just put something on the paper, or in the camera, has calming properties.

Freeing yourself from the fear of getting away to a special place, with in yourself, and allowing that place to calm down enough to mark a page, snap a shot, practice a movement or technique...allows you to calm down, which in turn, allows you to plan.

Allows you to enjoy the moment, which allows you to mend your soul from the busy week.

Allows you to escape into yourself, which allows you to explore.

Explore allows you to find different paths.

Different paths might take you to a new place for vacation.  Might help you find the right path to help your child or mate. 
Might bring you a healing peace.

Might let you just REST.

Rest allows you to bring clarity to yourself.

Clarity helps you develop inner peace, or the avenue to project yourself further in your career. 

The process of art brings all this and more to the individual.

What is happening in this special 3 day retreat is to help you explore a process, maybe become a bit more proficient in a process you are already trying to make work but just don't seem to be achieving the success you would like.

Learn a bit of history, learn to appreciate what you see when you are in the proximity of others works.

Learn to appreciate yourself! 

Be patient, with yourself and others. 

Learn to slow down and relax. 

Learning the processes.

Gains an individual introspection, patience, appreciation, understanding. 
You do not need to become an "artist" to merit from this retreat.

You WILL have fun learning "how to" or "getting better" at the curriculum you sign up under.
You WILL learn to have an appreciation and better understanding when you are presented with work from the heart.
You WILL learn to listen a bit better to Yourself.

In addition to being about "self", you will enjoy the camaraderie of the other's joining the retreat.  The evenings are about sharing the day with the other members of the retreat.  Tweaking it out with the instructors, enjoying the evening with friends.

There is just SOOOO much more to this  retreat...

Come out and EXPERIENCE what is such a TURN ON about learning something new!

ALL the workshops are being kept SMALL only 8 spaces per class instructor. 

Which means MORE instruction to EACH Student

This retreat is all about YOU!
NOT about filling up to the max~spaces of I am sure many of you have frustratingly experienced...I know I HAVE!

Join in July 25, 26, 27, 2014 The Stagecoach Retreat in Platte, SD
Choose from one of the following workshops:

Chad Phillips~ Learning about YOUR Camera: Photography.  An South Dakotan Premiere Photographer, sharing his knowledge, helping you learn about the camera YOU use to document your life.  Learn the features to best remember what is happening in your everyday world.

Bonnie Brahms~ Learning the skills and understanding to work in water media through Watercolor Painting.  The materials needed the technical applications to learn to explore this fascinating, yet inhibiting media.  She is also working you through Value and Color.

Chris Cernetisch~ Learning the mysterious medium of Pastel Painting. The materials needed and technical applications to learn and explore a misunderstood medium, chalk!  She explores Value and Color.

BOTH Ladies are offering methods and exercises and the mother lode of information in 3 Days packed FULL of how to and hands on help that could take years of experimenting and frustration to gain.

Mary S Hunt~ Learning about Staining Glass.  A Centuries old process for "painting glass"  No glass experience in needed. 
You will gain an appreciation for a method seen in many corporate buildings and most Churches (places of worship). 
The "how to" process will afford ANY artist a better knowledge for Value. 
Working in Monochromatic is the BEST way to afford an understanding for Value. 
So not only will you achieve a better understanding of the most important building block to paint and sketch, but you gain history appreciation as well.

Concerns have been expressed about NOT being a glass technician to finish the tile executed during the class. 
IF desired, I can be hired to finish your project, that can be discussed when you sign up.

The classes are SMALL, 8 people per instructor
(there WILL be a cut off date, yet to be determined when we no longer accept sign ups due to planning)

The class is a CHOICE of~ Photography, Watercolor or Pastel Painting, Glass Staining.

THREE FULL DAYS~ July 25, 26, 27...July 24 is Welcoming Social...

Stagecoach Gallery~ Platte SD 605-337-2308
Contact for questions, a brochure, and sign up Mary~

Come on out!!! You KNOW you WANT to.

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