Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The Photography Workshop ~An Interview Question

Photography Workshop
Chad Phillips
July 25, 26, 27 2014
Stagecoach Retreat
Platte, SD
3 Days

Mary:  Why would I want to take YOUR class Chad?

Chads answer:

Because I am going to force you to step out of our box.

You are going to learn how to open up and really use your camera for how it was designed.

Too often we jump out of the car, shoot a photo and leave.
I am going to help you open your mind's eye to visualize an image.
Not just what's in front of you, but how the image will look when you are done with it.

Something may catch your eye, but you don't feel it.
I will help you to learn how to make that connection with the landscape.

In the true art of photography there is so much more than just snapping a photo.

You will learn how to create images that you will be proud of.
Not make excuses for.

You will learn how to open your senses.
Is it hot, Where is the sun, is the wind blowing.

All of that needs to be translated into the actual photo.

Much like taking a painters thought process and applying it into creating photographic art. Taking the actual photo is only the start.

Next we will learn how to correctly adjust the image in Adobe Lightroom.
How to get true color balance and adjust for the effect you want.

Then we will take it into Photoshop to correct any issues and play a bit with HDR.

We will not be creating or photoshoping images to look cute or fun. No trends here.

We will focus on creating images that can be viewed and cherrished 100 years from now.

We won't be learning how to copy someone elses work.
We will be learning how to create images that are inspired from within ourselves.

Everyone is unique. So should the images.

Much of what will be learned can be applied to other forms of art as well.

A great example is my Brookside school photo under the stars. People can see and feel the emotion I did creating the image.
That was one of my absolute favorite times photographing landscapes.
Out there under the stars, no light, no moon, no noise.

Only the coyotes in the distance. In that image you can see the passing low clouds.
I swear I could here them float by.

Photographic art needs to project emotion. Good, bad, happy or sad it needs to show emotion...

end answer...

And YOU have the opportunity to gain all these passionate insights...

Come and join us this weekend!!
You KNOW you want to!

any Mary at the Stagecoach Gallery 605-337-2308
or email
or contact Chad through his website.

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