Monday, April 21, 2014


At the end of the day do you find it hard to "turn off" the work part of the day? and begin to relax?

Do you feel nervous or antsy?

Are you searching, seeking for ... something?  What?

There is a special place art takes a person, that helps with this. 

Not so much paint a picture that is worthy of a sale. 
More about learning art processes, that help in taking you further, into a calmer place. 
Helping to bring clarity to your world. 
Helping to bring calm to your world.
The process is what helps.

In learning the technical applications to achieve the process for painting, you are given an avenue for direction.
When you learn in a small class situation, there is more direct accomplishment and a LOT less stress than by experimenting on your own. 
So you get to the level for understanding the medium faster. 
Gaining more positive effects to your personal self.

Releasing stress and aiding and abetting the calm!
Art is FUN!

Come learn to relax in the moment.  Enjoy the view and capture the spirit of that moment.

What the classes of this retreat are offering you, is a shortcut to accomplish the tasks that take you to a special place.

3FULL days (in a row, which help you retain what you are learning better!!)
With 4 Notated artisans masters in their fields!
(individual classes would cost you a LOT more than this 3 day weekend will offer of the same and potentially MORE information ...RETREATS offer POWER packed informative sessions)

Perhaps you have always aspired to learn to paint.
"wished" you were an artist.
Wondered what is all the art speak about.

Perhaps you have given this art thing an unsuccessful try, reading books looking at you tube...they make it look so easy. 
It is when correctly given the directional tools.

These are small classes. 
Allowing for a more one on one experience. 
But also gaining camaraderie in a classroom setting.

STOP wishing~
END the excuses~

I CAN'T because...because...WHY??


Join us July 25,26,27 (retreat opening July 24) 2014.  In this retreat you will learn how,
revisit how to,
improve the how to,
or just want to come for the fun of it because you know there never a better time than to be with others at a retreat.

We will show you YES!


Learning how to use YOUR camera with Chad Phillips ~
Learn how to Pastel Paint with Chris Cernetisch ~
Learn how to Watercolor Paint with Bonnie Brahms ~
Learn about "real glass painting" with Mary Hunt ~

Contact Mary
Stagecoach Gallery
Platte, SD

Have a fabulous day!

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