Saturday, August 14, 2010


I loaded these backwards...of course!
but look at the difference

the top picture i took into camera raw and adjusted the looks more like an in person view

the other picture shows the "automatic" fix that photoshop has in the enhance box

which is a nice enhancement..however the RAW options enhances the image even better...or at least i think it does!


Sarah said...

Aah-Bo is lovely! I know nothing about RAW and need to find out I think! It does look so much better. It is interesting that we need to adjust things to get them how we think they look.

MrCachet said...

You're going to have to talk to me about RAW when you get a chance. I scan my stuff, but I don't know why I couldn't use a scan jpg just like it was a photograph (with the RAW tool, if that's what is), and I notice a LOT of color weakness between the original and the 'postable' image.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I have PS and have no idea what the RAW option is. After re-reading this and the last post, now I'm thinking RAW must be the name of a program. I guess I'm clueless, but like what you're doing.

Mar said...

photoshop elements 8 is what i am using to work on images..through marie otero's digital magic workshop
on line

Mary said...

Your Bo looks like a real honey, Mar--lovely job on this piece. One of these days I need to learn more about ways to edit scanned or loaded from IPhoto pix. Maybe before that, I should work on techniques for taking better photos of my paintings. It is frustrating that it is so difficult to share the way our creations actually look.