Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Practicing...In a Fog!

Marie's class is done...and I am practicing away with all these new "skills" I am supposed to have...she has a lot of faith!

I took a picture from my files of a foggy hill...
In camera raw i popped it up some but I didn't want to lose the foggy essence...i like that..
I cropped it and used the dry brush kind of art it up some...i love grungy edges and I tried and tried to download and use some free ones...i FINALLY figured out how to get them to load into the program...but i haven't actually been able to open an image I have downloaded

Except the ones from class..this is an texture we used in week three of class it gives me the grunge effect i am after..
i erased!!! the part i didn't want to cover the image (successfully!) then i clipped the mask together! (successfully)

so all in all i practiced many techniques...and it didn't take me 2 days!!!
i hardly referenced the notes either...i am on a cloud

i still have to figure how to use downloaded things...but that will come...

thanks for coming by

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Christy said...

Your digital works are looking good! Tell me what the problems are with the downloading and what program you are using (and what version) and I will tell you how to use the downloaded stuff. It is a total shame not to be able to use them and fill up your hard drive with all of those downloads lol
Msg me on FB with the info and I will walk you through it!