Monday, August 30, 2010


Well storms have moved through here some kind of fast this afternoon!
JR barely had his cement hard enough to place some poly over it so potential hail wouldn't wreck hailed but hopefully since it wasn't large hail it didn't wreck the happy beans!
This is Craig standing!!! in our beans...this rain we just received will make them really happy
for they haven't stopped growing in the pod yet
some beans are depends on the variety and the number of days and heat units that particular bean needed these beans happily slurp whatever moisture they can for a couple more weeks, growing their pods..then they are done and start drying.
Weather changes tomorrow is supposed to be only 80 some degrees no humidity hardly any wind..a nice day!
I get a WHOLE studio day tomorrow!!!!
and i want to thank everyone so much for being supportive and reminding me about all the great benefits enjoyed in what I do enjoy doing...and I DO! enjoy !
I am going to begin my meditations again...that always helps a person straighten them self out
get back into the groove of things...
I just need to shake myself and get back into the studio and be thankful of the fact i have all i have
ability, supplies, surroundings..imagination..dust myself off and mess the studio up!
Bea at dog in the hole studio blog has a wonderfully inspiring post..thank you!
another inspirational read both of the blogs with terrific art....
the point is we all help each other out of the doldrums and shaky days...the Internet takes me so many places i never would see and meet so many incredible people/artists i never would have met
thank you!


Bea said...

Hey, girl, I'm glad you have both feet back on the path. Good for you. :)Bea

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Getting studio time may have been just the thing you needed. I have NO idea what I would do without people who pat me on the back when I need it. And you were one of the very first people to ever do that on my blog. I'll never forget that and how much it means to me!

MrCachet said...

You're welcome. It certainly helps to hear a little encouragement from your fellow artisans once in awhile, doesn't it!

Sarah said...

Love the bean shot! I missed your what's the point post-but am glad to see you are back on track! I agree with a lot of your commenters that we do this stuff because we have to-and without it would be miserable-but like you I have thought what's the point? It is usually just after that that a new idea strikes and I get all excited all over again!
Happy studio day to you!

Anne Gaal said...

Hi, Mary! Wow! What a photo! Craig looks so happy! ;-) Those are some tall beans! Hope you have a terrific harvest! :-)