Thursday, August 12, 2010

In RAW!...baaaby

This is my homework submission for Marie's Digital Magic class on line. We are in week 2

working in camera RAW!

you open the image up and tweak all the sliders until you think the image has improved or done what you would like
save it...and in my opinion I think the image looks a LOT better.

When had the automatic tweaker do its thing you didn't get a lot of color add...and you didn't see the red heads on the birds...they are there!
you have to look reaaaaally close!

I probably should have cropped the image
but I was in experimental mode...
like magic isn't it!
I have NO idea why the reworked image doesn't enlarge..i will ask Marie!
y'all this is from an online class
digital magic
by marie otero
over on the side bar you can follow the image link
camera raw is a feature of photoshop elements....
there is also a RAW element that stands alone
they do different things..
this post is about camera raw...
check out maries class
we are approaching week 3 she might still offer an opening..
if she does
her class is full of information and easy instructions that are in pdf and video
maybe she will offer it again
if not right now there is an opening
i hope you check her out!


MrCachet said...

It's truly amazing what technology has given us artists in the way of useful tools, isn't it?

Sarah said...

The colour change is amazing!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I saw the red heads in the first photo. I believe this technology may be the wave of the future. It is yet another tool that many mixed media artists are using. And it's as close as your computer and not one bit messy (grin). Of course, there's no substitute for paint and gesso, but this is awesome. Play away!

Mary said...

I am delighted to have found your blog (via your comment on Jean Hood's). Love your creativity in various media, your sense of humor, your adventurous spirit--and, of course, these interesting photos. Thank you.